Posted on Dec 24, 2019

Singhal Shubham & Co.

Updated GSTR 9C Utility available on GSTN portal!
NEw version 1.5 for 9C Utility

Release 1.5
- Multiple fields now accept negative values.
- Column 14S made optional
- Cash flow statement is now optional.
- Multiple changes in certificate as required.
- Fixed some records stuck as In Progress when uploading JSON.

Release 1.4
- Fixed some validations so that user can enter negative values wherever necessary.
- Filling up Additional Place of Business is not mandatory now.
- Act name in Part B(ii) is now a blank text box to enter value manually.

Release 1.3
- Fixed "Auditor Sign Invalid" error - This was sometimes showing up even if the created json was not
tampered with.

Release 1.2
- Fixed Runtime "Error 424 : Object Out of Bounds" when opening an error JSON in Utility.

Release 1.1
- Fixed utility not working in Microsoft Office 2007.

Release 1.0
- Preparation GSTR-9C return data and Generation of JSON file for upload of data on GST Portal.
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